Grief Counseling

What is Grief?

Grief is not only normal, it is necessary. We can experience it in response to a host of losses, but let’s talk about grief when someone has died. Grief is everything you are feeling, thinking, doing, and experiencing in response to that death. It is the deepest pain and sadness, but also the shock and the anxiety and maybe even the anger. Grief is also the sensations we carry in our bodies – that slow as molasses moving through our muscles feeling, and that restless “I need something to do ” feeling. It is the racing thoughts that keep us up at night insisting that surely there is something we could have done differently, and the beautiful memories we allow ourselves even as those thoughts break our hearts open. And grief is the rituals we perform in public at a funeral, or in private as we empty closets – or perhaps hide in those closets to take in their smell another day while it lasts. All of these things – and more – are grief. And whatever YOU are experiencing is normal. We are here to listen and companion you on this most sacred of paths. We are not here to push you to “get over” your loss, but rather to help you integrate that loss into your life in a way that honors both you and the person that died. If you’re struggling with loss in the Douglassville and Audubon, PA or nearby areas, we want you to know that you are not alone. Our counselors are here to help you process your feelings of grief through our safe virtual telesessions.

Do I need therapy for grief?

Grief is a natural process that we feel when we experience loss of any kind, whether it be a death of a loved one, a pet, or the end of a relationship. No matter what type of loss you are working through, it is completely normal to seek help while doing so. Problems sleeping, overwhelming depression, and other elongated reactions to grief are signs that you may benefit from support in making meaning during times of loss. Sanctuary’s therapists can help you identify methods of processing grief that work for you, guiding you through this important time. Healing takes time, but it also takes intention. We can help you bring intention and healing to your mourning process.

grief counseling
grief counseling

Best types of therapy for grief

Grief counseling is its own specialized type of therapy. While different methods can be used, grief therapy is focused on reflecting on the story of your loss, and processing your emotions surrounding it. We recognize that in our society, most people expect you to “get over” your loss as quickly as possible, but we believe that isn’t the goal of grief counseling. Our goal in counseling is to learn to incorporate your loss into your life story. No matter what the loss is, there is a way to grieve in a healthy, meaningful manner. We do not want the loss to overwhelm you. Loss is inevitable, but suffering alone does not have to be your experience. We are here to companion you and support you.

How long is grief counseling ?

Grief is unique to each person, and so is grief therapy. We work with clients anywhere from a few months to years, depending on your needs. Healing and grief are not linear, but rather a process that is different for each person. Our therapists specialize in grief and on being your companion in your journey through that process. We get to know you as an individual, finding the best methods to honor the memory of your loss while still being able to handle your day to day life. You may discover during grief therapy that it would be helpful to talk about other issues in your life that have been brought up in your sessions. You are welcome to make Sanctuary your home for not only grief counseling, but your therapeutic journey in general.

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How do I find a therapist for grief in Douglassville?

Finding a therapist that has grief counseling specialization is so important. Grief can touch every aspect of our lives, and having a good foundation for that in therapy is essential. The founder of our practice, Heather Kramer Almquist, is a Thanatologist (an expert in grief counseling). She impresses upon our staff the importance of continued learning in the area of grief. We are experienced working with many different ages, from children into adulthood, and many different faiths and cultures. If you’re struggling with feelings of loss or grief, we welcome you into our practice to find solace. We are here to work with and support you in your journey.

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