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Choosing the right psychology practice and finding a therapist is the first step toward wellness and healing.

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During stressful and uncertain times, daily meditation has been proven helpful. This short and easy exercise can help you navigate your day feeling more at peace and able to cope with a constantly changing landscape.

Long Distance? No Problem!

Now you can experience in-depth therapy in the comfort of your home or other private space. Sanctuary offers secure HIPPA-compliant telesessions to suit your lifestyle and schedule. Real therapy. Real connection. Really convenient.


Sanctuary Counseling is excited to announce the return to in person sessions at our Douglassville and Audubon locations.

We have implemented a series of health protocols for the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff, particularly those who are immunocompromised. At present, we ask all staff and clients to wear masks while indoors. We continue to offer telesessions for all who prefer them for any reason.

​We help individuals, couples, and families heal and grow by understanding how our experiences and emotions shape us and directly impact the way we move through the world.

We help you understand who you are and what you truly need, want, and believe so that you can experience real connections with others and lasting change in your life.

At its heart, counseling is rooted in the therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist. We bring our shared humanity and genuine empathy, along with our expertise and training, to support and guide you.

Welcome to Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a place of welcoming where we provide practical, client-centered therapy that always proceeds at your individual pace. We are honored that you are considering making Sanctuary Counseling a partner in your family’s wellness and we welcome you to come, visit with us, and see whether what sets Sanctuary apart is what makes it the perfect fit for you.

You are welcome here.

Experts Who Care

Here at Sanctuary, we value each person who walks through our door, and hope to provide for them intelligent and loving care. Our therapists have been hand-picked based on their qualifications and the intentional care they offer. We believe that the best care comes from the combination of knowledge and genuine care for the individual. Each of our therapists seek to bring their talents and skills to invest in your personal life, to help equip and empower you.

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