Art is a very funny thing. It can show great detail, dedication and skill. Sometimes it takes an artist a great deal of time to learn a technique and perfect it. What’s funny about the whole concept of art is that technically (in my distinguished opinion anyway) skill and technique has nothing to do with it. The true beauty in art is that it is really a natural outlet of feeling. Now for the truth and lie part…

Two Truths and a Lie

  • Truth Art can be used to manage anxiety. The act of art can shift our focus to something more productive and healthy. It actually regulates our nervous system, helps us express ourselves without words and even helps one to connect with their inner self.
  • Truth – Art can help to reduce stress. WHAT?! Yup, you heard it here. Art’s role in anxiety reduction also applies to reduce stress. Which makes sense since they can often go hand in hand. Art provides a distraction from our stressors, getting into a flow of creation instead of mental destruction, practicing self-care by having a healthy hobby, processing our past, dreaming about our future, and even teaching ourselves how to appreciate beauty.
  • Lie  Art therapy is done only through drawing, painting and writing. This is just not true.

Art therapy is done through creating! Collage of playing piano, planting garden, and finger painting faces

This includes drawing, painting, writing, gardening, photography, scrap-booking, caring for animal habitats, cooking, styling, origami, musical instruments, woodwork, sewing, ceramics, crafting, dancing, doing puzzles, singing and so, so much more.

Do what works for you.

Don’t worry about how it looks, what matters is how your feelings while you’re creating. Art is in the eye of the beholder and all that you have to do is look within you to behold the artist that you already are. Get out there and create.

If you need additional excuses to create, come check out Sanctuary Counseling’s Expressive Arts Workshops!



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