One of the most important habits I have formed this New Year is the habit of meditation. The key to getting into this tranquil habit is to simply do it. So, I’m going to give you a list of how to simply promise yourself some moments of letting go of the stresses of your day and welcoming the peace of what’s to come (To make this more specifically easy, download the FREE [yay!] app called “Stop, Breathe & Think” from the iTunes Store or Google Play).

Commit to just 10 minutes when you wake up or before you go to bed. Find a spot where you feel comfortable and sit down.

Don’t let yourself feel defeated because you’re new or you don’t know how. It’s not really a science. It’s you, with yourself, just being. Take a moment, and just relax. Then, when you feel ready, open up the app and get started.


The process: Listen to the directions and take the steps that the app gives you:

Step 1: Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself which state your body and mind is in. Choose the ones that apply (rough, poor, meh, good, great)
Step 2: Choose 5 emotions that best describe what you are feeling. Don’t feel the need to focus on one area. You are allowed to be thankful and sad. Be honest. Honor your mind, body and feelings.
Step 3: Choose one of the suggested meditations.
Step 4: Follow the directions of the meditation.
Step 5: Allow yourself to give in to the intimate time you just spent with yourself. Hold on to the feeling of freedom and if your mind starts to worry or wander (don’t worry – it’s normal) just try to breathe, bring yourself back and focus on the now. It’s 5-10 minutes of focus on feeling better, not pretending you don’t have reasons not to.
Step 6: Decide to do it again tomorrow!

Commit to doing it every day, not just for 3 days.

Understand that you can meditate any time anywhere. If there is a seat, you have some headphones and a few moments of free time, you can meditate.

Lastly, be grateful. Smile when you are finished because you just succeeded in committing to a few minutes of self-care. Something we are usually all lacking.

Do you have any guided meditations you like? Happy Meditating!

[Edited December 2019: Updated to include links to app.]

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