Written words are very powerful. Spoken words are also very powerful. But have you ever considered or even realized how persuasive your internal language and mental thoughts can be? We all think to ourselves and talk to ourselves, right? So does your own self-talk communicate positive self-talk or negative self-talk?

If you’re not sure, start to pay more attention to your thoughts. If you notice that you’re constantly concentrating and focusing on the negative self-talk, then take the control back and replace that with more positive thoughts.

Use that positive self-talk to remind yourself what you are capable of. Don’t limit yourself. And don’t think that you can’t complete a task, achieve a goal, or reach the next level. Before you decide that something is impossible, look for answers and solutions and reexamine all of your options.  Don’t allow restrictive and restraining thoughts or statements discourage or deter you from accomplishing your goals.


If you find that you are complaining about something or grumbling, try adjusting your attitude. Sometimes just looking at a situation from a different angle will switch the negative into a positive just by deciding to give it a chance before jumping to pessimistic conclusions. Turn in the direction of a more optimistic outlook.

Words and communication

Instead of using harsh words like “angry”, “hate”, “horrible”, “terrible”, etc., be aware of that negativity and change it to, “I feel upset, annoyed, frustrated”, etc. While the latter examples still allow you to vent your frustration, they are more neutral interpretations and offer hope and the opportunity to transform a situation into a more positive one. This may not seem like a big thing, but the effects can be huge.

Root for yourself

Personal pep talks can be such powerful tactics! Give yourself compliments when you accomplish something you set out to do. Even if it was a small step, build up your self-esteem levels whenever you have the opportunity to do so. If you get tripped up, acknowledge it and try to figure out the reasons you stumbled. Then move on and remind yourself that next time you’ll do better.

Don’t expect to be perfect

You don’t always have to feel cheerful and confident. Remember… everything in life takes time and effort. Working on self-confidence through your internal conversations with yourself is an ongoing process that can always be enhanced and made stronger. Take baby steps and soon positive self-talk will become a normal routine and not so much of a challenge.

The road to happiness

Your internal dialogue can be a road to happiness and peacefulness within.  Each time you talk to yourself, your words will take you to many different destinations. Based on this, will your self-talk guide you to a positive place?

Even if it takes awhile to get there, keep moving forward. If you run into roadblocks along the way, remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat and you and only you have the ability to either allow those obstacles to hold you back or go over or around them and push onward.

Stay positive and enjoy the ride!


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