Our practice grew from the idea that therapy is like a sanctuary… not in the religious sense, though we do approach this work with reverence and humility. A sanctuary is a space that is set apart and dedicated to a higher purpose. Therapy is a place we can each find refuge from our hectic and sometimes painful lives, where we find safety and strength to explore and heal from our wounds and fears. Seekers come to a sanctuary to discover what matters most to them, to feel comforted, to seek guidance, to find healing. This is what we seek to do each day here at Sanctuary Counseling. We provide a safe place where everyone can truly find comfort, hope, and healing.

I founded Sanctuary in 2007 with the belief that everyone, EVERYONE, deserves to experience meaningful therapy that is deeply personal and explored with a therapist who genuinely cares for them as a unique individual. In the years since, this simple but powerful notion has guided us toward a new chapter filled with exciting promise for our community.

This year, we are building a new home, launching this new website and blog, and expanding our reach throughout the community. Whether you are new to Sanctuary, or have been part of our family for some time, we invite you to join us.

You are welcome here.

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