Do you ever find yourself being the one who watches?

Or maybe the one who holds the bags while everyone else rides the rollercoaster?

How about the person whose happiness comes from looking at beautiful pictures of places they’ve never been?

Sometimes – this is me. And that’s ok. I usually play it safe, and think of all the reasons why not. Why I don’t deserve it. Why I haven’t worked hard enough for it. Why it’s a pipe dream. Why it could never happen because my family has bad luck. But yesterday while I was journaling I thought to myself, “Why?”… What is my Why? Hmmm…. Thought provoking…. I know.

Why have I never done yoga? Why don’t I travel to all of those places I am planning to travel to “one day”? Why do I not dance more? Why do I care what I look like at the gym? Why am I spending so much time wondering why?

It’s important sometimes to reflect on what we spend our time thinking about, worrying about, and stressing about. I often feel as though we spend so much time focused on the things we can’t change, the upgrades, the loud, the negative, the sadness, and the worrisome that we forget to let in the good, the graceful, the calm, the quiet, and the beautiful.

I am fascinated by the grandest things in the world – the places, the sights, the sounds, the cultures. It’s all so beautiful but it’s not something that I generally let myself experience. I find myself watching others go to these places, experience these things, and let it all in. Do you see yourself doing this too?

Well, now is as good of a time as any with the New Year upon us to decide to let it all in.

Instead of focusing on how stressed we are or how worried we are, we can embrace those parts of ourselves and focus on the things that pull us out of those dark places. For me, it’s the pictures of the Northern Lights, the rocks in Sedona, and the beautiful retreats in the mountains of Colorado – I want them to be more than just pictures of places I’ll never see. I want to dance more than just dancing by the chair when I’m around the people I know. I want to focus on being comfortable and practical instead of stressing about what to wear working out. So I vow at this moment, to let it in. Even when I’m sad, or scared, or lonely, or worried, or stressed, or angry, or confused or any other normal emotion… I want to let one beam of light shine through. I want to remind myself that I AM THE ONE WITH THE POWER TO DECIDE WHAT TO LET IN! I am ready to let it in! Will you join me?



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