Coffee cup and an open book in the morning

The alarm on your phone is going off (do people have alarm clocks anymore?) letting you know it’s time to RISE AND SHINE! If just reading this sentence makes you want to grab your blankets, roll over, and hit the snooze button repeatedly…you’re not alone. Mornings can be hard, and sometimes your bed is just so comfy! I get it, but I’m here to tell you, there are some perks of setting that alarm just a little bit earlier.

Full disclosure: I’m a morning person, don’t hate me. With work, kids, to-do lists, errands, and meetings, I know how hectic mornings can be. It can feel like a mini rat race trying to balance the tasks of the day, wrangling little ones, and making sure you make it out the door with the same shoes on, a cup of coffee to-go, and something to eat for breakfast (on a good day). If mornings are a time of stress for you, there are a few tips and tricks to making the morning run a little smoother, and hopefully, can become one of your favorite parts of the day as well.

Start your day with something just for you, something you love. Mornings are the time I get to spend with myself and set my intentions for the day. I love waking up with the sun, putting a pot of coffee on, and practicing my meditations. On a normal day, I get to start my day off doing the things that make me happiest like working out, practicing yoga, and sipping coffee without the worry of running late to work. I am mindful, calm, and can reflect on the day ahead of me. Having the extra time to myself makes me a better me. Starting the day off doing the things that make you feel best helps getting out of those blankets a little bit easier, too.

Have a time dedicated to unplugging. Our TVs, laptops, phones, and all the little screens in our lives make it hard for our minds to recognize it’s time to unwind and prepare for sleep. Having the light and sound of the different screens can also keep us from getting deep, recharging sleep. Try and set the time about an hour before you would normally go to sleep, to reap the full benefit!

Start slow! Becoming a morning person, or any facet of this idea doesn’t happen overnight! Try setting your alarm ten minutes earlier for the first week. Ten minutes isn’t so bad, right? After the first week, try setting it another ten minutes earlier. Beginning gradually can feel less jarring than jumping into the change right off the bat. Carving out a little bit of time just for yourself and beginning your day with a clear mind might just make a morning person out of you.

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