</radio silence>

Or, in this case, I suppose </blog silence> would be more fitting.

We kinda fell off the radar, didn’t we? But it wasn’t without good reason. We’ve had a lot going on here at Sanctuary and I think it’s time to share some of that with you. Our Sanctuary community.

At Sanctuary, creating an environment of “community” has been an ongoing, intentional, aspect of our practice. Through discussion and sharing amongst ourselves, we realized that this sense of belonging somewhere in the world was important to all of us. And, at different times in our professional and personal lives, we’ve all lacked that sense of safety and inclusion. We also realized that we could provide that sense of community for others, but it wasn’t going to happen accidentally. We needed to be purposeful in creating a space that would allow us to welcome and include our clients in a way that extends beyond the counseling couch.

Sanctuary lot crop2

Welcome to the future home of Sanctuary Counseling.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but this pile of dirt will soon be replaced with a foundation. And on that foundation, a house will be built. And within that house, we will be creating a home. A home for Sanctuary. And a welcoming space for our clients.

A community.

We’re planning all kinds of cool stuff for this new home. An art studio in the basement. A garden space in the backyard. A beautiful healing space for yoga practice. Even a kitchen table where we can gather for a cup of coffee or tea. All geared to compliment your individual therapeutic goals, but also designed with another goal in mind: to bring us all together as a community.

Maybe you’ve already seen this moving speech by actor Wentworth Miller delivered at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in Seattle. If you haven’t, you should give it a watch. He speaks very eloquently and honestly about what it means to him to be a part of a community. There is something very life-affirming about finding somewhere where we feel free to be ourselves – and know we are loved and cared for.

Welcome to our Sanctuary community. We’re excited for you to see the home we’re building for you. For all of us.

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