Autumn has arrived! The cool weather days are here and the hot summer weather has (finally!) gone for the season! Fall is a time of changes, fresh starts, and fall rejuvenation! We are dusting off the summer grit, opening up our windows to let all that wonderful fresh air fill our homes, putting away our summer clothes, and re-organizing our closets. With all these changes going on with our wardrobes, homes, and material items, it leaves me wondering: what about us?

forrest of pine trees with caption "come back to nature"

What if we could clean our minds, bodies, and spirits? I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I might have found just the thing: dirt. It sounds crazy and counterproductive; cleaning and dirt don’t exactly go hand in hand. But the kind of cleaning I’m talking about here is cleaning our minds from our attachment to our devices, crazy schedules, and to-do lists. Clearing our bodies of the stagnant nature of hot-weather months, shaking loose, and feeling movement again; and clearing our spirits to the revitalizing awakening that happens when we are able to be outside and experience nature around us!

Let’s spend some time with nature, really taking in all the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of the earth. Spend some time connecting with the outdoors, and allow ourselves to experience all the joys and benefits. Being outside can be so therapeutic and such a wonderful way to connect with ourselves and each other! Feeling inspired? We are too! So, we have created an EcoPsych workshop series that will run from September until November. We’ll be holding workshops on Saturdays with the intent to bring our therapy outside, focusing on the benefits of nature, and really cultivating a deep, long-lasting connection to the world and each other. Come join us and get a little bit of dirt in your lives; it just might be that magic elixir we’re looking for.

Register for an EcoPsych event here

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