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Expressive Arts Workshops

Why Expressive Arts?

Words are powerful. Words can also be limiting. For many, tapping into the expressive and creative arts is a way to communicate where words fail to reach. We recognize and believe in the healing power of the arts, and have dedicated a large portion of our home to an art studio. Here, you will be free to explore and express your inner self with the support of therapists and teachers.

  • Are you a looking to dip your creative toes in the studio waters?
  • Are you someone who is looking for a meaningful way to spend time creating with others?
  • Are you hoping to find a creative “boost” and focus on a short term project?

Whatever you’re looking for, our Expressive Arts Workshops are a wonderful way to spend a few hours creating, exploring, and finding meaning.

You are unique, and so is your story. Via our Expressive Arts Program, you can explore and work through emotional, social, spiritual, and behavioral issues while identifying your strengths and experiencing new creative insights. Whether you consider yourself naturally creative (or not), the emphasis of this work is process – not product. You will be encouraged to explore your responses, reactions, and insights throughout your expressive work. We integrate a wide range of creative processes that promote growth, discovery, and wellness.
Together, we can harness the expressive arts to help you seek meaning, clarity, and healing.

2019 Winter Workshops

Our Expressive Arts Workshops are held every third Saturday of the month from 12:00pm–2:30pm. The first three events of the new year will be at our Douglassville location, and are centered around the theme fire.
*These are adults (18+) only and alcohol-free events.


Winter 2019 Expressive Arts Series: Candle Making for Rituals and Intentions. Saturday, January 19th at 2:30pm.

Candle Making for Rituals and Intentions

January 19, FREE Event – Must Call to RSVP


Winter is a season of rest and rejuvenation. A time for us to tune into our sacred selves and nurture our bodies and minds. We are often inside spending more time seeking comfort and warmth during this season, both in the company of others and by ourselves. During this workshop, we are going to create two candles, each of which will soothe a different part of who you to honor your multiplicity. We will invite you to imbue each candle with intentions for the Winter season ahead and will have a wide variety of scent and decorative inclusions for you to personalize each of your candles.



To RSVP your spot, call 610-385-3155.


Winter 2019 Expressive Arts Series: Mandala Pyrography. Saturday, February 16th at 2:30pm.

Mandala Pyrography

February 16, Workshop Fee – $35, Materials Fee – $10

As we move deeper into the Winter season and ultimately ourselves, we get in touch with the beauty and complexity of who we are. Our interconnectedness with the world around us and the greater cycle of the seasons can make the darkness of Winter feel less permanent and daunting. During this workshop, we hope to integrate the deep parts of who you are as well as your interconnectedness with the rest of the world through the creation of a mandala. Using a wood burning pen, we will invite you to burn your own hand selected or hand sketched mandala into a decorative round wooden slab. Our hope is that this piece helps guide you through the rest of your winter, serving as a reminder of the beautiful intricacy that each of us share with the world around us.


Register Online


Winter 2019 Expressive Arts Series: Releasing and Cleansing with Burning Bowls. Saturday, March 16th at 2:30pm.

Releasing and Cleansing with Burning Bowls

March 16, Workshop Fee – $35, Materials Fee – $12, + plus a firing fee

To honor our deep descent into Winter and emerge renewed, we must leave behind the things that no longer serve us. Challenging ourselves by connecting with our aspirations often means that we are willing to rid ourselves of old patterns, beliefs and experiences that keep us from evolving. Burning Bowls have been used for centuries to clear and release toxicity from our lives, welcoming back our personal power and ability to discern our own path. During this workshop, you will be handcrafting your own burning bowl using stoneware clay. This burning bowl will serve as a vessel for you to release and cleanse your energy safely and intentionally through the burning of paper, pictures, etc. We will reconvene the group following the professional glazing and firing process for a ceremonial burning and clearing of our lives together. Attendees will pick up and use their completed burn bowls on this day.


Register Online


Special Pricing Offer:

Cost: $84 for the entire series, when paid for all at once.



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