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Women’s Therapy

Therapy Designed With You In Mind

It’s no newsflash that men and women are different. Why, then, do so many counseling centers use the same “one size fits all” approach for everyone? At Sanctuary, we firmly believe that “one size fits all,” actually means, “sort of fits some people, but not very well.” That’s why we tailor our client-centered therapy approach to take into account the whole person, the whole woman: you.

Therapy, however, is of no use if it’s not accessible and compatible with your lifestyle, and most women’s lives are busy! That’s why Sanctuary Counseling endeavors to meet the needs of women by offering many conveniences:

  • Accessible hours (Day, Evening, and Saturday appointments)
  • Phone therapy and Skype sessions in addition to in-person appointments
  • Flexible payment options
  • Support for your entire family
  • Counseling that truly addresses all aspects of your life

Modern Women, Healthy Lives

Today’s women are career professionals and mothers, caregivers and leaders, and everything in between. No matter where you fall in these categories, at every age and phase of life, Sanctuary Counseling is here to support you through meaningful, personalized therapy that truly addresses the multifaceted lifestyles women live today. Our open, caring staff is accepting and supportive of all women. We value you and are grateful to have you share your life experiences and journey toward whole-self health with us.

Women’s Support Circle

Women are phenomenal. Women coming together to support other women are simply powerful. We invite you to join us for just such an experience. Our Women’s Support Groups currently meet every other week on Monday evening. Please give us a call or contact Heather for more information. Pre-registration is required for these groups.

Your Best Self

Balance is difficult to achieve and maintain! We all have goals and dreams, but we also have responsibilities. Today’s women are often so busy trying to achieve balance between a career, a home life, a social life, community responsibilities, and a family that we sacrifice ourselves and our well being in the process.

Maybe you know what you want, but there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to make it happen. Or perhaps it’s been so long since you focused on yourself that you don’t even remember what you wanted or who you truly are anymore. One thing we can promise you: You are not alone.

With so much on your shoulders, you deserve the gift of an hour that is entirely about you. Your questions. Your needs. Your time. Your feelings. Your experiences. Your life. That is what Sanctuary is all about.

So please, take off your shoes. Sip a cup of tea. Breathe in a bit of aromatherapy. Listen to soothing music or experience guided relaxation. Make yourself comfortable without worrying about social convention, because Sanctuary is a welcoming place where we do things your way. You’ll hear your inner voice again in no time.

At Sanctuary Counseling, through women’s therapy, we are here to guide and accompany you along the way to connecting with your best self.

You don’t have to do it all alone. Sanctuary Counseling’s team is here to support you, and we endeavor daily to make that support a convenient, affordable, positive part of your healthy lifestyle. Call today, ask about therapy for women, and arrange for a confidential, individual appointment.   610.385.3155

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