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What is Aromatherapy?

Relax. Breathe. Repeat.

Relax. Breathe. Repeat.

For some, the term, “aromatherapy,” conjures up images of soothing spas, Zen gardens, waterfalls, and jasmine blowing in the breeze. For others, aromatherapy sounds like hokum along the lines of healing magic crystals. Here at Sanctuary Counseling, people often ask us, “Just what is aromatherapy and why do you do it?”

Aromatherapy isn’t…

So first, let’s talk about what aromatherapy isn’t. Aromatherapy isn’t a magic cure for … well, anything. But that makes sense, considering nothing is a magic cure for what ails us. Aromatherapy won’t heal wounds, physical or emotional, and it isn’t a replacement for doing the important work of intensive therapy.

Aromatherapy is…

Aromatherapy is a tool, just like any other relaxation technique. It’s one more thing to load into your self-care toolbox to help you along your life’s journey. Many clients here at Sanctuary enjoy having their choice of scent in their therapy space. People report that it helps them relax and be more present with the work. Why? Well, simple. Think about a place you enjoy being. The beach at sunset, the woods on a dewy morning, or the kitchen with your favorite dishes on the stove and in the oven. Take a moment to close your eyes and really picture being there. Read More…

Depression Is A Liar

Depression can leave you feeling numb, foggy, exhausted, and disoriented, not just, "sad."

Depression can leave you feeling numb, foggy, exhausted, and disoriented, not just, “sad.”

We all know Depression is a horrible, stinking liar. I envision Depression as the mean girl who wouldn’t let anyone with the “wrong” shoes sit at her cafeteria table. She spreads rumors about you that are mean, but somehow just believable enough that people don’t dare question her. She’s so good at deflecting attention and building herself up by disparaging others that no one realizes what she’s doing, and slowly, everyone believes her that you’re not good enough, nice enough, cool enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or simply… enough… even you. Just like that girl we all (maybe not so secretly) disliked in high school, Depression is a mean, despicable liar. The trick is knowing how to spot “her.”

1. Depression hides: Depression is sneaky. It hides, and when you’re depressed, you might hide too. Often, this means you hide your depression from others, putting on a brave or happy face when you’re out and about, at work or school, or engaging with family. But when you allow depression to hide by giving her a secret place — those alone moments, the quiet times — she gains a foothold and starts to take over in other areas. So ask yourself: Am I depressed when I’m alone? If you are, consider talking to someone you love and trust about your feelings before they worsen. Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is aware of your feelings and is keeping an eye out for you, and is there to support you, is enough to help you feel a bit better. This won’t alleviate serious depression, of course, but it helps not being alone, and it’s a good first step.

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