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An Extrovert Living in an Introvert World

It’s an Introvert World

I know what you’re thinking – “How is that possible?! Most classic studies suggest that approximately 75% of the American population are extroverts.” But, upwards of 50% of the population is now considered introverted. In my undergrad Personality of Psychology class, we had to take the Myers-Briggs. Out of about 25 of us, there was one extrovert in the class. One.

Even being out and about is different. As an extrovert, I make lots of eye contact, I smile at everybody, and I will probably try talk to you if we’re both checking out the Haagen-Dasz selection at Giant or you’re on the bike next to me at Valhalla. But nine times out of ten, none of these gestures are reciprocated. More often I see people on their phones, or with their earbuds in, less inclined to have real interactions with others. What used to provide me with small pings of much-needed energy now leaves me with few opportunities for the interactions I need as an extrovert… and then I feel restless.*

So, be advised, fellow extroverts – I think we’re about to be living in an introvert world.

Which is totally cool with me. But what exactly would that mean? Read More…

Empathy vs Sympathy

empathy versus sympathy

“I know what it’s like down here.
And you’re not alone.”

Dr. Brene Brown, who is super awesome and did an amazing TED talk on vulnerability (which garnered her more notoriety than she was expecting), summed up the difference between sympathy and empathy in a way that is succinct and beautiful and dead. on. accurate.

Then, The Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts took the awesomeness to the next level by animating her profound and true words with adorable woodland creatures. And a hole. And a ladder.

And it’s beautiful.

In the words of Brene (because, in my head, we’re close like that and on a first name basis): “So what is empathy? And why is it very different than sympathy? Empathy fuels connection. Sympathy drives disconnection.”

That’s some truth right there. And it just gets better. Read More…

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