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What is therapy?

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In past blog entries, we’ve discussed how to find the right therapist as well as the top 5 questions to ask a potential therapist, but what exactly does “therapy” entail? Depending on the therapist you ultimately decide to work with, it could mean many different things. Therapists (or counselors, the term will be used interchangeably here) have various ways of working with clients and everyone has his or her own style. Some counselors are passive and will listen to your experiences without a lot of interjection. Others will engage you as you share your story and ask questions to help you explore your current circumstances. Still others may assign homework and give you specific tasks to work on outside of session meant to help you meet your individual goals.

At Sanctuary, we all share a passion for helping others but have distinct methods of working with our clients – and different areas of specialization. Depending on the client’s needs, we can tailor our practice to suit his or her goals and individual life circumstances. In the new home we have built for our Sanctuary community, we’re installing an art studio that will allow us to utilize art therapy with our clients. We also have a dedicated group room where we’re planning programs for LGBTQ, College Preparation, and Couples groups, among others. Many clients choose to utilize individual therapy as well as group programs to further support their individual needs. Read More…

Community is Family That We Choose.

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Or, in this case, I suppose </blog silence> would be more fitting.

We kinda fell off the radar, didn’t we? But it wasn’t without good reason. We’ve had a lot going on here at Sanctuary and I think it’s time to share some of that with you. Our Sanctuary community.

At Sanctuary, creating an environment of “community” has been an ongoing, intentional, aspect of our practice. Through discussion and sharing amongst ourselves, we realized that this sense of belonging somewhere in the world was important to all of us. And, at different times in our professional and personal lives, we’ve all lacked that sense of safety and inclusion. We also realized that we could provide that sense of community for others, but it wasn’t going to happen accidentally. We needed to be purposeful in creating a space that would allow us to welcome and include our clients in a way that extends beyond the counseling couch.

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Welcome to the future home of Sanctuary Counseling. Read More…

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