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Group Counseling & Special Programs

All too often, emotional and psychological distress leads to a sense of isolation and stigmatization. Group counseling  can provide people with an opportunity to find support in a safe, supportive, communal setting. Sharing in the presence of others facilitates trust and perspective, and group members are empowered to receive and give help or feedback to their peers. Simply stated, group counseling can be dynamic and powerful.

Sanctuary Counseling provides groups focusing on a variety of topics and we are always open to developing new groups to meet the dynamic needs of our community. Take a look at some of the groups we’re running and let us know how we can help you!

Please take a look at the groups below, or check out our Events Calendar for specific dates!

To send a registration request for one of our groups, please fill out the form by clicking here.



Eco Psychology Series: 5-Items Meditation Walk

(ongoing – new members accepted)

We have created EcoPsych workshops that will be held throughout the warm weather months. We know EcoPsych can sound really scientific and fancy, but it isn’t. It’s simply therapy outdoors, that’s all. It’s a revitalizing way to spend our therapy sessions, to connect with nature, and to connect with each other.

We want to invite you to the first workshop being held Saturday, April 29 from 10am to 12pm. This workshop is a walking meditation that we will guide you through along the Schuylkill River Trail from the Douglassville Trail Head to Monocacy. The trail is perfect for every level of outdoors-person and hiker, and the meditation is as accessible if you practice meditation regularly, or are curious and never really tried it. We invite you to join us, to experience nature with us in a new, exciting, and mindful way. More information to come!



Women’s Support Groups

(ongoing – new members accepted)

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Join us in a safe and judgment free environment where you can rediscover your own voice as you give and receive support for the many issues that we struggle with as women: self-esteem, identity, relationships, work/life balance, family, health, and so much more. Please contact Sanctuary for space availability for either group. Groups meet every other week for 90 minute sessions, and the cost is $35 per session. Pre-Registration for all groups is required.

Click here for the group flyers or contact us for more information! 

Grief and Loss Support Groups 

(ongoing – new members accepted)



Perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you. Perhaps someone close to you is dying. Perhaps this loss was recent, or long ago. Regardless of the circumstances, you are not alone. Sanctuary provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to be companion you and support you through your grief. If you are seeking support and would like to know more about our services for grief and loss, please click here. If you would like more information about the group please contact us! Groups meet every other week for 90 minute sessions, and the cost is $35 per session. Pre-Registration for all groups is required.

LGBTQ Teens and Young Adults

(ongoing – new members accepted)




















While some communities have GSAs and Safe Spaces for LGBTQ youth, many do not. And to be candid, we believe that a therapy group filled with peers and facilitated by a therapist who is an expert in LGBTQ issues, is something that is additionally and desperately needed in all communities. For nearly eight years, we have been working with LGBTQ youth (and adults), and Heather Kramer Almquist (the group’s facilitator) has specialized in this work for twenty years. We invite you to find out more about this amazing group of genuinely great people, and decide whether we might be the TRIBE you are looking for! Groups meet every other week for 90 minute sessions, and the cost is $35 per session. Pre-Registration for all groups is required.


Click here for the group flyer or contact us for more information!

In college or just launching your life after your education?  It’s difficult as-is, and there may be more weight on your shoulders if you are navigating gender or sexuality issues at the same time. While you might have access to a safe space or support center for LGBTQ issues on campus, not all of them provide a support group facilitated by those who are knowledgeable about LGBTQ issues.  We believe having support during uncertain times is cruicial. Groups meet every other week for 90 minute sessions, and the cost is $35 per session. Pre-Registration for all groups is required.


Parents of LGBTQ Youth and Young Adults

(ongoing – new members accepted)


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Do you have a child of any age who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning? Does your child tell you that their gender presentation is “non-binary”? Are you wondering how to best support, and perhaps advocate for, your child? We are here to offer a safe space for families to find the support, education, and resources they need and deserve. Parents of LGBTQ children and young adults who are seeking to provide and receive support from others are invited to join us for a time of education, sharing, and empowerment. Group size is limited; group fees are $35 per person per session, $62 per couple. Pre-Registration for all groups is required.


Click here for the group flyers or contact us for more information!


LGBTQ Groups for Adults

(ongoing – new members accepted)



















There are many challenges facing today’s LBGTQ community and not many LOCAL resources to address those unique needs. At Sanctuary Counseling, we pride ourselves on being not just LGBTQ friendly, but LGBTQ affirming. Because it’s not about tolerance; it’s about acceptance. And you are welcome here. Perhaps you are searching for support within a group that truly understands. Perhaps you are interested in lending your own insights to support others in the LGBTQ community. Whatever your needs, we invite you to join us to experience a sense of connection and community within a safe and affirming group setting. Groups meet every other week for 90 minute sessions, and the cost is $35 per session. Pre-Registration for all groups is required.


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