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Expressive Arts at Sanctuary Counseling

Why Expressive Arts?

Words are powerful. Words can also be limiting. For many, tapping into the expressive and creative arts is a way
to communicate where words fail to reach.

We recognize and believe in the healing power of the arts, and have dedicated a large portion of our new home to an art studio. Here, you will be free to explore and express your inner self with the support of therapists and teachers.
Are you a looking to dip your creative toes in the studio waters?

Are you someone who is looking for a meaningful way to spend time creating with others?

Are you hoping to find a creative “boost” and focus on a short term project?

Whatever you’re looking for, our Expressive Arts Workshops are a wonderful way to spend a few hours creating, exploring, and finding meaning.
You are unique, and so is your story. Via our Expressive Arts Program, you can explore and work through emotional, social, spiritual, and behavioral issues while identifying your strengths and experiencing new creative insights. Whether you consider yourself naturally creative (or not), the emphasis of this work is process – not product. You will be encouraged to explore your responses, reactions, and insights throughout your expressive work. We integrate a wide range of creative processes that promote growth, discovery, and wellness.  Together, we can harness the expressive arts to help you seek meaning, clarity, and healing.


Expressive Arts Workshops

The cost of each workshop is $35 + materials fee. Pre-registration is required!
To register for an Expressive Arts workshop, please click here.
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Saturday, October 28 from 10am-12pm

Bath bombs, body scrubs, essential oils, and more! Learn about intentional self-care as you create these luxury items for Fall.










Saturday, November 11 from 10am-12pm

Create a tree of gratitude as a family! You will discuss different people and items you are thankful for and come home with a special Thanksgiving decoration.

(Video coming soon!)












Previous Workshops!



Saturday, July 22nd from 1-3pm

Japanese garden meets therapeutic art! Plants grow from a ball of moss, with a symbol or token of our intention, grief, or desire inside.

Kokedamas are not only easy to make, the act of creating them is itself a meditation. Here’s a time-lapse video of one being made by a guest instructor, Erin Hozyash, who has shared the gift of kokedama with so many via her popular workshops!











Saturday, August 5th from 1-3pm

Mandalas are not only easy to make, the act of creating them is in itself a meditation.







Think painting a mandala sounds too difficult? Think again! Here’s a time-lapse video of Heather creating one of the mandalas YOU can make at the workshop!





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