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Educational Workshops

The price of each workshop varies. Pre-registration is required.


Daring Way Retreat

We all want to feel connected. But to connect, we need to be seen. And to be seen, we must be vulnerable.

The Daring WayTM Retreat will help you identify your own unique barriers to vulnerability; things like shame, self-criticism, and perfectionism. If you find yourself striving to be the best or comparing yourself to others, then come. Find ways to locate where this shame is rooted and discover how to heal it. You will learn about Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness while connecting with other people looking for the same answers you are.

Connect with yourself so that you can connect more meaningfully with the people in your life.
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College Preparation for Trans Students
(Q&A for students and parents)
Price: FREE

Whether you’re preparing for college or just finished your first semester, you know how confusing the paperwork can be for a Trans person. You already have talents and motivation and dreams, so what do you need to be aware of while enrolling in college? What about selective service? How do you meet your admissions requirements while still advocating for yourself?

Join us for a discussion followed by Q&A with our friend and close colleague AJ! He is an EXPERT on all of these topics and has knowledge from experience to share with you. Parents: please attend and get support for yourselves. What is the best way to encourage and support your child during this milestone?

Please register for this event to ensure your attendance. Price is FREE! Click the green “register” button above.


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Teen Communication & Boundaries
(2-part series for parents)

The teen years are difficult; not many of us look back and have only positive memories from that awkward period. You weren’t quite a child, but you definitely weren’t an adult yet. And this period can be even more difficult as the parent. The same kid who looked to you for guidance now has their own idea and perspective on life. Perhaps they were your best friend and are now finding some distance, maybe even seeking other adult mentors. Or maybe you felt distanced, and they suddenly want a deeper relationship with you.

What is their new role in the family? Just like when you took off the training wheels, how much do you hold on? And how much do you let go? What do you do when they find out that you can be wrong? How do you communicate with this new person? How do you maintain balance in your relationship with your partner during this time of change?

These are some of the topics that will be discussed at the Parents’ Workshop. Our experienced psychotherapists will guide you through a series of conversations that will address the major complications and struggles that parents face when their child suddenly grows up.

Join us and learn how to create a healthy relationship with your teen!

Emotional Resiliency for Kids (K-3)

“I’ve tried everything, but my kid still yells at me!”
Or maybe they isolate themselves and play alone. They might be struggling with some tough or unfamiliar emotions, and sometimes these are related to new transitions. Whatever they’re going through, seeing your own child struggle can be incredibly difficult. But you are not alone!

Imagine supporting your child through an 8-part workshop series where they will learn to recognize their emotions, develop empathy, and engage in positive coping skills! They will even make crafts that are paired with the workshop to take home, along with information for you so their new skills can be encouraged at home.

The workshop facilitators, Kari and Nikki, are trained psychotherapists who are experienced in the Trauma Resiliency Model and certified in Clinical Mental Health, so your child will be in good hands! Register your child for this transformative experience, and watch them grow!

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