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Douglassville Staff


Nichole Bacigalupa, MA, NCC, CCMHC, LPC

Clinical Manager, Psychotherapist



There very few times that people can say what they mean without judgment and get an opportunity to learn about themselves in the process. What I hope to accomplish in therapy is to provide a space where people are able to be heard and seen and validated for who they are and what they’re going through.

I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. It’s really about getting to learn and understand what the client is looking for and tailoring what I do and how I listen to them. It’s not about me or my experience; it’s about them.

Wellness and meditation are unique to my approach to therapy. Normally, things are not occurring in a vacuum. If you are having issues in one aspect of your life, then other areas will show it as well. It’s important to me to look at the mind-body-spirit connection so that the whole self is addressed.

You can meet with Nichole through our HIPAA-Compliant telesessions. She specializes in anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life transitions, and substance abuse. When it’s beneficial for her clients, she likes to incorporate art therapy, wellness, meditation, and other holistic approaches. She sees individuals and couples.





Sara Grove, MA, MFT, LPC



There are a lot of people out there who aren’t seen or heard. Whether that’s because they’re queer or anxious or just different, they don’t feel like anybody sees them and sometimes they can’t see themselves. I want to give these people a place to actually feel like somebody sees them and believes them and gets them. I want to guide them and be guided by them as they figure themselves out. It’s not about me being an expert on any of the areas that I focus in, it’s about them knowing and understanding themselves and finally being able to believe it.

I love working with teens and young adults because they tend to be the ones who are going through a period of self-exploration. They are trying to look deeper into themselves and discover their values. I like working with the people who feel like they’re not going to find anyone who understands them.

I don’t just work with young people, but I think they don’t get taken as seriously as they deserve. There are too many teenagers who are depressed or queer and adults say, “we don’t know that yet. We don’t get it.” and they get ignored. I want to give them space to be heard.

People who see themselves as some measure of unconventional find a level of comfort with me. It’s important in my work to communicate a broad level of acceptance and persistence. People want to hold onto what’s unique about themselves, even and especially during periods of change.

You can meet with Sara at our Douglassville office Monday through Friday. They specialize in gender & sexuality, identity exploration & transition, sex therapy, alternative relationships, self-esteem, body image, relationship & sexual violence, pet loss, career & college counseling, and individuals preparing to have children.




Kaitlyn Ferrell, MA, MFT


Hello and welcome. If you have been guided to Sanctuary Counseling it is safe to assume that either you or a loved one is going through a difficult time. Life is full of these challenging and often frightening moments, and while sometimes you can make it through these dark paths alone, having someone to walk alongside you can be immensely helpful.

I practice therapy as a journey you and I take together. I believe that positive mental growth occurs through pain, trauma, and discomfort, and that people are most susceptible to growth when struggling. Individuals in suffering all have a great potential to change their pain into something beautiful and strong. It only seems dark because you are in a cocoon, waiting to be transformed into something new and powerful. As a therapist, I am here to help facilitate your personal journey of transformation and growth.

In the past I have served as a sexual assault victim advocate at the Tampa Bay Crisis Center where I acted as the first response to survivors of sexual assault. I continue to apply my passion of helping sexual assault survivors as a therapist certified in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.
I am trained in EMDR (eye-movement desensitization reprocessing) therapy to use as a special tool for those suffering from trauma, big or small. This therapy is very effective at helping decrease the effects of something that you experienced in your past that is still affecting you today.

I identify as an active and advocating member of the LGBTQAI community and regularly work with its’ members from a sexuality and gender-affirming therapeutic approach.

I completed my M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy at UCF where I specialized in seeing a diverse array of couples including poly couples, BDSM and kink-practicing couples and other non-monogamous relationships. To further assist couples, I have also trained in Gottman Couples Therapy. During free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, playing video games and board games, and attending mental health conferences to keep up to date on the latest methods of therapeutic intervention.




Letecia Garcia, BA

Psychotherapist Intern


I deeply believe in the power of human resiliency. I’ve seen the power. I’ve seen the limitless possibilities that come about when people are able to believe in themselves and recover their own personal strength. I want to be the person who can help them through an experience so they are not conceptualized as something that’s happened to them or something they’ve done, but that they see themselves as the growing, changing, powerful person that they are.

As a queer-identified person, it’s become a passion of mine to work with the LGBTQ+ community. There is so much courage and authenticity within that community, so any chance I get to enhance those characteristics in someone is something I will enjoy. However, in general I love helping people to unlock different aspects of themselves that have been suppressed and have lead to anger, anxiety, sadness, or any of these “uncomfortable” emotions that we try to hide from.

My biggest mission is to help people rediscover their power and redefine it throughout their lifetime as they move through different experiences and stages. Truly, what we think of ourselves is a continually changing process that can never be defined by a single experience. So my approach to therapy will work on not only strengthening their connection to themselves, but also to the broader scope of their connection to all things.

You can meet with Letecia on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in our Douglassville office. She specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community and women’s issues and likes incorporating holistic practices into her work when requested by clients.







Heather Kramer Almquist, MA, LPC, CT, NCP

Psychotherapist, Executive Director


Heather founded Sanctuary Counseling to further her work with individuals (children and adults), couples, families, and groups for whom she provides counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, loss and life transitions, identity issues, career, sexuality, and intimacy issues among others. She set out to create an embracing space in which her clients could truly feel at home, supported, held, and nurtured as they traveled with her through their own personal journeys to whole-self wellness.

Today, Sanctuary Counseling is a thriving group practice where other talented practitioners have joined Heather in her vision of maintaining an inviting, comfortable space where people can truly let go and be themselves, open up, relax, and be fully present as they do the serious work of effective therapy. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Eastern University, Heather is a Certified Thanatologist as well as a Nationally Certified Psychologist. Further, Heather is a member of the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, and the Association for Death Education and Counseling.

She has served in a wide variety of settings, including private agencies, public schools, and non-profit agencies. Heather has an extensive background in and affinity for working with members of the LGBTQ community. Additionally, she specializes in grief and bereavement counseling. She was awarded first place in the American Counseling Association’s 2006 national ethics competition, speaks regularly throughout the community on issues of mental health, particularly grief and bereavement, and particularly enjoys incorporating the creative and expressive arts into her work with clients when appropriate. 

You can contact Heather at our Douglassville location. Heather sees clients at both our Douglassville location and Audubon location.






Douglassville Therapy Cat


Our friend Vincent came to Sanctuary Counseling when he was rescued in the Spring of 2016, at 8 years of age. He’s now a mature cat of 10 and has grown to love his home here with us. Vincent’s favorite pastimes include napping in a patch of sunlight and giving love and comfort to our clients. He always seems to know when our clients need a little snuggle, and he’s happy to give it in exchange for a back scratch! There is a lot of personality in his little orange body, and we’re glad to have him as a familiar face for all our visitors.

You can find Vincent at Douglassville, where he graciously allows us to work in his home.






You are welcome here.

You can learn more about Sanctuary Counseling and any of our talented practitioners simply by calling our office for a free consultation. We endeavor to meet the ever-evolving needs of our diverse community by offering these services and more:

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  • Family counseling
  • LGBTQ therapy
  • Marital counseling
  • Men’s therapy
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