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Couples Therapy

Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling

Sanctuary’s couples counseling practice provides support for couples and families experiencing infidelity, grief, divorce, conflict, and other concerns. Facilitating communication and understanding between couples and families is the foundation of our couples work. Through couples counseling, we help couples and families gain insight into their interpersonal dynamics, and in so doing, find reconciliation and a renewed sense of connection with one another.

At Sanctuary Counseling, we recognize the challenges many couples face today. Extended schedules and commitments often leave little time for couples to connect and enjoy each other and their relationship. Unresolved conflicts can often translate into difficulties in the bedroom. Sanctuary provides a safe and supportive place for couples to experience healing and rediscovery.

Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your engagement!

We are pleased to offer premarital counseling both for those whose congregations may require it, and for those who are seeking to learn more about one another before making the commitment of marriage. Through premarital counseling, we will help you connect in a deep way and enable you to start your life together with intentionality and a solid foundation. We welcome you and your partner to call us, come for a visit, and share your questions with us.

Gottman and Imago

Our work counseling couples is informed by a wide variety of approaches. We believe in employing whatever is most effective for you as individuals and as a couple, and our essential goal is to assist couples in creating real connection and intimacy together. Often, we find that the research and conceptualizations of Dr. John Gottman as well as the insights and interventions borrowed from Imago therapy are a powerful combination. Together, they help us identify what’s been going on, what you really want at your core, and then provide tools for deepening communication, intimacy, and healing. From there, together, we are able to create lasting change.

Intimacy and Infidelity

Let’s talk candidly about these often uncomfortable topics.

When the quality of our relationship is impaired, so is intimacy – whether physical or emotional. These impairments may be a result of unresolved conflicts, issues that may even pre-date the relationship, the demands of an over-scheduled life… the list is long. We can help.

Sometimes sexual difficulties occur independently of relationship dynamics. We can help there, too.

And finally, we need to mention that infidelity is a very real and very frightening experience that many couples encounter. The infidelity may be sexual, it may be (primarily) emotional, it may be a single or series of brief encounters… it may be something very involved that has been ongoing for years. It’s been our observation that infidelity – particularly emotional infidelity via online relationships – has been on the rise during the past decade, and (sadly, perhaps) Sanctuary has supported many couples through this incredibly painful experience. So yes, we can help even with this.

These things happen sometimes, even to couples who are absolutely dedicated to a strong relationship. You’re not alone, and you are not without recourse to compassionate expertise during this time. Please… give us a call.


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