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Support & Healing

At Sanctuary Counseling, therapy is always client-centered and individually paced. We support clients with a wide variety of concerns, including the following and more:

Individual Counseling

Sanctuary Counseling provides one-on-one therapy for our clients, most often on a weekly basis. Guided by the Sanctuary Approach, we listen empathetically and provide a safe place devoted to hope and healing. Our counselors utilize their excellent training and expertise to respond to the unique and ever-changing needs of each client. Sanctuary is passionately committed to the confidentiality and ethical treatment of all clients. We provide additional options for remote counseling & coaching through Skype, for those who may have a difficult time meeting in person. Contact us to learn more.

Group Counseling

All too often, emotional and psychological distress leads to a sense of isolation and stigmatization. Group counseling and therapy can provide people with an opportunity to find support in a safe, supportive, communal setting. Sharing in the presence of others facilitates trust and perspective, and group members are empowered to receive and give help or feedback to their peers. Simply stated, group counseling can be dynamic and powerful.

Sanctuary Counseling provides groups focusing on a variety of topics:

Your Sanctuary Counseling therapist will be open to discussing group counseling options with you. If we do not yet have a group that fits your needs, we will endeavor to create one. It is our goal to grow with our clients and continually expand our practice to support your needs, growth, and health.

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