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How Are Your Values Reflected in New Year’s Resolutions

Can you believe that 2017 is almost over?! It seems like ten minutes ago that we were doing this whole “ringing in the new year” thing, and now 2018 is just around the corner! You know what that means – we can start counting down the seconds until people start probing with “what’s your New Year’s resolution?” And as soon as the question pops up, like clock work, people start pledging to lose weight, quit smoking, make more money, and various other fill-in-the-blank self improvement strategies. But here’s a fun fact: only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. I’m not sure about you, but I am not part of the 8%.

That’s why this year I’m resolving to quit resolution-ing. I have failed to stick to a resolution for as many years as I can remember making one, so I’m going to err on the side of probability and assume this year won’t be any different. But that doesn’t mean I’m just not thinking about what I want from 2018. I’m just going to think about it differently and in a way that more accurately represents what I want my life to be like in 2018. And if you’re not in the 8%, maybe you will consider joining me.

I want to challenge you to think about your values – a value evaluation, if you will. Values are what make us who we are. They are what guide us to make decisions. They are what motivate us. They are what help us live lives that are authentic and fulfilled. When we are not aware of our values, some of these things can slip. When we are mindful of them, they can be enhanced. Living more consciously in the realm of values could make 2018 your most fulfilled year yet – no resolution required.


1. Identify your values! I’ve included a list below of some things you might consider values. On a piece of paper, write down the things that are values for you. This is not a comprehensive list, so feel free to identify values that are important to you even if you don’t see them below.

Family, Friendship, Authenticity, Work Ethic, Community,
Faith, Happiness, Growth, Knowledge, Adventure,
Altruism, Independence, Health, Balance, Loyalty,
Trustworthiness, Consistency, Intuition, Imagination,
Unity, Tranquility, Uniqueness, Organization, Creativity

2. Define your values. Take some time to write a few things down about why you value the things you identified. What’s so important about friendship to you? Why does your life feel more complete when you’re making creativity important? How does knowledge make you feel whole?

3. Live your values. Write a few sentences about what these values look like in your everyday life. How will you know if you’re honoring adventure in your life? In what ways can you be mindful of balance from day to day? What does it feel like when you’re practicing consistency?

4. Value Roll Call! Check in with yourself from time to time about how fully you are living your values. Maybe you have the words written on a notebook that will remind you to think about them. Or maybe you put a monthly reminder in your phone so you remember to take a few seconds to mull them over. Do whatever works for you and incorporate them in a way that feels right.

I’m A Morning Person, Don’t Hate Me

The alarm on your phone is going off (do people have alarm clocks anymore?) letting you know it’s time to RISE AND SHINE! If just reading this sentence makes you want to grab your blankets, roll over, and hit the snooze button repeatedly…you’re not alone. Mornings can be hard, and sometimes your bed is just so comfy! I get it, but I’m here to tell you, there are some perks of setting that alarm just a little bit earlier.

Full disclosure: I’m a morning person, don’t hate me. With work, kids, to-do lists, errands, and meetings, I know how hectic mornings can be. It can feel like a mini rat race trying to balance the tasks of the day, wrangling little ones, and making sure you make it out the door with the same shoes on, a cup of coffee to-go, and something to eat for breakfast (on a good day). If mornings are a time of stress for you, there are a few tips and tricks to making the morning run a little smoother, and hopefully, can become one of your favorite parts of the day as well.

Start your day with something just for you, something you love. Mornings are the time I get to spend with myself and set my intentions for the day. I love waking up with the sun, putting a pot of coffee on, and practicing my meditations. On a normal day, I get to start my day off doing the things that make me happiest like working out, practicing yoga, and sipping coffee without the worry of running late to work. I am mindful, calm, and can reflect on the day ahead of me. Having the extra time to myself makes me a better me. Starting the day off doing the things that make you feel best helps getting out of those blankets a little bit easier, too.

Have a time dedicated to unplugging. Our TVs, laptops, phones, and all the little screens in our lives make it hard for our minds to recognize it’s time to unwind and prepare for sleep. Having the light and sound of the different screens can also keep us from getting deep, recharging sleep. Try and set the time about an hour before you would normally go to sleep, to reap the full benefit!

Start slow! Becoming a morning person, or any facet of this idea doesn’t happen overnight! Try setting your alarm ten minutes earlier for the first week. Ten minutes isn’t so bad, right? After the first week, try setting it another ten minutes earlier. Beginning gradually can feel less jarring than jumping into the change right off the bat. Carving out a little bit of time just for yourself and beginning your day with a clear mind might just make a morning person out of you.

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