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Welcome to the Sanctuary Counseling blog. We hope that you will find the topics discussed here helpful in your own personal journey of self discovery and growth. Please subscribe to receive email notifications when new articles post, and click here to share your feedback and article ideas. Check back often, as we update frequently. Our blog most often focuses on the following topics:
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  • Depression
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  • Grief and loss
  • LGBTQ living
  • Parenting
  • Phobias
  • Relationships
  • Self nurturing

How To Find The Right Therapist

Making the decision to enter therapy, whether for the first time or after a break, usually means finding a therapist. For many people, this first step is a real challenge because there are simply so many questions: Where do I look? Who do I ask? How do I know who to trust? What kind of therapist do I need?

Finding the right therapist is not like finding a good internist or veterinarian. People tend to be very comfortable asking friends, family, and other local contacts for recommendations of general health care and service providers. With social media, we don’t even have to ask people individually. We hop onto Facebook and ask, and the recommendations and warnings come pouring in. But therapy is highly individualized, intimate, and private. Ultimately, that means people tend not to want to go to the same therapist as their sister or officemate. Likewise, people often won’t offer their own therapist’s information, because they are uncomfortable with their therapist working with others in their lives. Read More…

“seek sanctuary.”

Our practice grew from the idea that therapy is like a sanctuary… not in the religious sense, though we do approach this work with reverence and humility. A sanctuary is a space that is set apart and dedicated to a higher purpose. Therapy is a place we can each find refuge from our hectic and sometimes painful lives, where we find safety and strength to explore and heal from our wounds and fears. Seekers come to a sanctuary to discover what matters most to them, to feel comforted, to seek guidance, to find healing. This is what we seek to do each day here at Sanctuary Counseling. We provide a safe place where everyone can truly find comfort, hope, and healing. Read More…

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