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~Jackie Robinson

~Jackie Robinson

In the ongoing, online, in-person, seemingly ubiquitous discussions about equal rights for women, gays, lesbians, minorities – pretty much anyone other than rich, white, American men – there is constant talk of “paradigm shift” and “changing the dialog.” And, while it’s true that we need to have meaningful discourse and that we need to talk about what actually matters, these phrases are becoming such overused buzz-terms that people are starting to tune out, which is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen.

What truly needs to happen is just one thing: We need to have respect for one another as human beings. Perhaps it seems like an overly simplistic answer, but when we stop to think about it, really, what is the main barrier to resolving these issues in our society? Typically, it’s a failure to communicate and interact in a meaningful, authentic manner because so many people simply do not value and respect those who think, live, do, speak, look, love, parent, and act differently than they do.

When we have respect for one another, we’re more willing to engage in a meaningful interaction – yes, that paradigm-shifting, dialog-changing conversation we keep hearing about. Those who are willing to oppress, marginalize, victimize, and dehumanize others do not respect the people they hurt. If they respect anyone, it’s not those they view as less, but those they view as equal. Would the civil rights movement have progressed without the support of those who weren’t being forced to the back of the bus? Would the women’s liberation movement have been successful without the support of forward-thinking men? Most likely, no, they wouldn’t, at least not on the same time frame or with the same level of success. Why? Because those who would oppress others don’t respect those they marginalize, and therefore true change must come from within their perceived peer group. Once white people and men joined these causes, it freed others to come forward and say, “I agree. This is wrong,” so that together, we could progress. Read More…

Grief, Loss, And Laughter

Grief and loss are things we all experience and process through individually and uniquely.

Grief and loss are things we all experience and process through individually and uniquely.

This is why I love what I do.

Thank you to each client who ever extended their trust, and thank you for the insights we have discovered together.
 And a very special thank you to the client who agreed to let me share this story with you.

This past Sunday (yes, Super Bowl Sunday), while most of you were preparing for the big game and the big parties, I went to a memorial service at the home of a client. And you know what? I had a lovely time. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.

That’s right. I laughed. I laughed a lot. Read More…

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