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A Safe Oasis For Everyone

Open now in Audubon! Updated pictures of the new location are coming soon.


Are you looking for therapy or counseling and are closer to Philadelphia? We are located in the heart of Audubon, PA.  If you’ve never been to therapy before or are curious what we look like, take a look below. If you’ve got jitters like you’re about to visit a dentist, stop reading and take some deep breaths for a moment.


Come on in and relax.  You can help yourself to coffee, tea and muffins.  Sit wherever you’re comfortable.  Yes, we have wi-fi for you to use. We want you to be comfortable here!


Meet Our Audubon Therapists


We prefer to build our environment less like a doctor’s office and more like a cozy living space.   If we’re going to do some important work together then it’s important you’re safe and comfortable.  This is a place where stress and anxiety shouldn’t grow thicker.


This goes for those who are younger, too!  We have a well-equipped playroom designed to suit the needs of play and expression.  We also restructure this space to do group work.

When you walk in, we will gladly give you a tour. 

If you are considering psychotherapy or counseling for the first time and this space speaks to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You are welcome here.



seek comfort.   seek hope.   seek healing.

seek Sanctuary.

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