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Heather Kramer Almquist, MA, LPC, CT, NCP

Psychotherapist, Executive Director


Heather founded Sanctuary Counseling to further her work with individuals (children and adults), couples, families, and groups for whom she provides counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, loss and life transitions, identity issues, career, sexuality, and intimacy issues among others. She set out to create an embracing space in which her clients could truly feel at home, supported, held, and nurtured as they traveled with her through their own personal journeys to whole-self wellness.

Today, Sanctuary Counseling is a thriving group practice where other talented practitioners have joined Heather in her vision of maintaining an inviting, comfortable space where people can truly let go and be themselves, open up, relax, and be fully present as they do the serious work of effective therapy. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Eastern University, Heather is a Certified Thanatologist as well as a Nationally Certified Psychologist. Further, Heather is a member of the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, and the Association for Death Education and Counseling.

She has served in a wide variety of settings, including private agencies, public schools, and non-profit agencies. Heather has an extensive background in and affinity for working with members of the LGBTQ community. Additionally, she specializes in grief and bereavement counseling. She was awarded first place in the American Counseling Association’s 2006 national ethics competition, speaks regularly throughout the community on issues of mental health, particularly grief and bereavement, and particularly enjoys incorporating the creative and expressive arts into her work with clients when appropriate. You can contact Heather at our Douglassville location.



Sara Grove, MA, LPC


If you asked her why she’s a therapist, Sara would tell you “I believe we all deserve to be heard, connected with, and loved authentically”. Her approach to therapy is empathic and creative, as well as client-centered—meaning that she knows trust, comfort, and a truly judgment-free space are vital to the counseling process. She has worked in the mental health field for several years, providing support through everything from depression and anxiety to deeper levels of self-exploration.

Sara’s areas of focus include: sexuality, gender, non-binary identities, relationship issues, self-esteem & body image, sex therapy, and alternative lifestyles. She also has background in helping people with life transitions, trauma, career counseling, substance abuse, social anxiety, and using creative expression in therapy. Sara relates well to teens and young adults due to her understanding of technology and the connections that our younger generations have built there, especially through PC/console & online gaming, social media, and online communities.

Sara enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families and has worked extensively with members of the LGBTQ community. During her studies, she served as the prevention educator on sexual violence and relationship violence for Kutztown University. She also served as an advocate and provided crisis intervention for students experiencing violence on campus. She is a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA), and American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). Sara meets with clients Douglassville.





Timothy Reider, MA, LPC


Do you sometimes struggle to feel genuinely heard and understood by others? Are you particularly bright and/or creative and at times feel somehow adrift? Or perhaps you have a child who is struggling? Are you hoping to find a counselor who will tend to both your emotional AND cognitive well-being? We can all benefit from having a trusting, warm, and nonjudgmental source of counsel, and Tim is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your concerns, your relationships, and yourself.

Tim is here to help with Social Anxiety, ADHD, Behavioral Issues, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. He has a wealth of experience supporting those with Gender and/or Sexual Identity concerns. Also, if you are experiencing grief/bereavement, whether due to a death or other loss, Tim is here to companion you.

Tim’s clients and colleagues share that he has a unique ability to bring both real intelligence and expertise along with a deep sense of empathy to the work they share. Tim would love to meet with you, to hear your story, and to learn how he can best offer his help. He is available to meet with you at our Collegeville location.





Nichole Bacigalupa, MA, NCC, CCMHC


Many times life can change unexpectedly, leading us to question our goals, direction, or purpose in life. Maybe you are going through a particular challenge in your personal relationships, your life plan, or are struggling with a recent loss. Nikki believes that during these times of concern and challenges, being heard and understood can be one of the most powerful tools. She is here to companion you through this process, and will work with you offering support, guidance, and a warm, safe environment where you can be fully seen, heard, and valued.

Nikki’s areas of focus include life changes, grief and loss, identity issues, relationship concerns, depression, and anxiety among others. She can accompany you through your journey, working to begin the process of healing and growth. Nikki enjoys implementing methods of mindfulness and expressive arts when appropriate in her therapy. Together, Nikki will work at your pace to identify your needs and create an individualized therapeutic experience.
 Nikki is available to meet with you in our Collegeville location and would love to learn your story and how she can best support you through your unique challenges.





Meghan Smythe Love, MA, MFT


Meghan is a Marriage and Family Therapist who works with families, individuals, couples, and children to overcome real life challenges while working toward a healthier overall system. She believes in providing a supportive environment for all involved in the process and strives to utilize and build upon the strengths that are already present within an individual or family. Meghan is here to offer a safe space to unpack past and current hurts so that real healing and growth can take place. Meghan’s areas of focus are: family/relationship conflict, behavioral issues, co-parenting, trauma, depression/anxiety, and play therapy.

Meghan is a member of both the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) as well as the Pennsylvania Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (PAMFT) and is working toward her Registered Play Therapy certification. Meghan is available to meet with you at our Collegeville location.






Kari Eyer, MA


“There are many reasons why you may contemplate reaching out for help. As our lives lead us into many different seasons, we go through a range of experiences and emotions that can, at times, be overwhelming. Perhaps, you feel stuck and can’t see a way out, or life has lost its   purpose or meaning. Maybe you ask yourself: “What now?” “How can I heal from this?” or “Can my relationship be saved?” Maybe you just want someone to talk to.” Whatever your reason, Kari invites you to share your story. Since her own experience with healing through therapy, she has longed to offer that gift to others. She is passionate and caring and hopes to help people find healing that motivates them to live truly fulfilling lives. You can meet with Kari at our Douglassville location.







Cori Entler, MA


Cori’s passion for counseling has given her the calling to help others figure out how their relationships affect their lives and happiness. Human relationships can be messy and they can hurt. They can also be gratifying, fulfilling, and loving. Cori believes it’s important to detangle the messiness and find a way to make the different relationships in your life work best for you. Using elements of a client-centered approach and a family systems perspective, Cori will help to create a therapeutic space that meets your unique needs and establishes a path for a brighter future. Therapy can empower you to feel better, form stronger relationships, and to really live well. Reach out today to meet with Cori at Douglassville!







Laura Guzy

Counseling Intern

Laura has a heart for helping people who feel as though their lives have become overwhelming or stalled. Perhaps this is because of a life transition, perhaps it is due to a parenting or relationship challenge, or perhaps depression and anxiety are taking a toll. There are countless reasons why life can feel like it is flying apart. If you are someone experiencing this sense of overwhelm or defeat, Laura would be honored to support you.

Lasting change and healing are possible when we are able to look at the entire picture – from the real life surface of things to the deeper unseen roots that underlie it all. You can find relief in the present while simultaneously healing the longer-term causes. This work can be challenging, yes, but it also proceeds at your pace and you are not alone. Contact us to set up an appointment with Laura at Douglassville.






Allison Pantone

Business Manager

Allison came to Sanctuary as an undergraduate intern hoping to gain some insight into the field. She started small by working nights at the front desk, learning about Sanctuary while also getting to meet the many wonderful people who walked through the door. Since her time on the front desk, she has remained on as a member of the Sanctuary family and continues to find pride and significance in being a part of the beautiful and healing work. She is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Eastern University.  Allison currently works behind the scenes to help Sanctuary operate as smoothly as possible and uses her time to support all of Sanctuary’s ongoing efforts. She is here to help in any way that she can. It’s important to Allison to make sure that everyone who comes to Sanctuary feels welcomed, loved, and heard. If you find you have questions, would like to get more information, or simply want to say hello, please knock on her door. You matter here.






Oriana Kramer-Almquist

Welcome Coordinator

Oriana will be one of the first voices you hear at Sanctuary! If you are a new client or need some assistance with insurance, she will be at your side to walk you through each step. As a graduate student in Eastern University’s counseling program, Oriana understands how difficult it can be to reach out for help. She listens with a compassionate heart to connect you with a therapist who is suited to your needs. If you think you can benefit from our services, contact us and Oriana will guide you from there!






Ashley Robinson

Administrative Assistant

Every journey starts with a first step and Ashley is here to make sure that step is with the right therapist for you. Ashley is the first face that greets you when you arrive at the Sanctuary Collegeville office, and wants to help you and every single person who walks through the door feel welcome and comforted knowing that you truly matter to us. When you sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and relax in one of the chairs or on the big cozy couch, whether you’re here for yourself or spending some time here while a family member is talking with one of our therapists, Ashley will be here to smile and greet you as a member of the Sanctuary family. She spends her days making sure everyone who needs to talk to someone has a space on our schedule, answering your calls and emails, and keeping the office running as smoothly and as comfortably as possible. If you ever need her, she’s only a phone call or an email away.






Emily West

Administrative Assistant

Emily came to work at Sanctuary Counseling by recommendation while she was looking to find fulfilling work that gives back to those in her community; she took one step in the door at the Douglassville office and never looked back. She believes that everyone who comes in to spend time with us is a part of the family, and strives to provide a true “Sanctuary experience,” whether you are in for an appointment, waiting for a friend, or stopping by to check us out.

Emily endeavors to find the right therapist for everyone, and can help guide you on your journey to finding your place here at Sanctuary. From taking calls and answering emails, to scheduling appointments and organizing, Emily will be someone with whom you are familiar, even if it’s just a “hello” at the door when you come in. She is the early bird of the Douglassville office, so you can reach her every morning, bright and early!





Shelby Kuchenbrod

Administrative Assistant

Shelby was welcomed into the Sanctuary family while searching for a job in the field of psychology. Eager to work somewhere that did more than just counseling, she was enthusiastic about the expressive arts workshops and the home-like style of the center. She knew she found her second home, and she looks forward to helping you discover yours!

You can find Shelby behind the desk (probably drinking tea), fulfilling the role of “night owl” at our Douglassville location. She believes that everyone has a spot at Sanctuary, whether it’s through individual counseling, group therapy, or a workshop on the weekend! No matter who you are or what you’re going through, you have a place here. Shelby loves to meet new people and looks forward to connecting you with the right therapist or activity that meets your needs.







Douglassville Therapy Cat

Vincent was adopted by Sanctuary Counseling in the early summer months of 2016 and has since become an indispensable member of our family. His sweet and loveable nature has made him the perfect addition to our home. Vincent loves meeting new people and is always up for a comforting cuddle whenever you need it. He loves sleeping, warm snuggles, and anyone who is willing to give him a belly rub. He will soak up all the attention he can get! Vincent has been a blessing to Sanctuary and has quickly become the heart of our home, bringing people together since the day he arrived. There is not a day that can’t be brightened by our furry little friend.








Douglassville Therapy Bunny

Lemmy has been stirring up trouble in the Douglassville office since the Fall of 2016 when he came to join our Sanctuary family. Nicknamed our Adventure Bunny, Lemmy’s playful and rambunctious energy makes him a bright spot in all of our days. He may seem shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! He is fearless, curious, and loves to be snuggled. His favorite things include chewing the baseboards, running in circles on the rug, and playing tag with his best pal Vincent. Lemmy has appointed himself as Vincent’s friendly sidekick and has quickly hopped his way into our hearts. If you are ever in need of a bunny cuddle or a laugh, please stop in to see Lemmy. He would love to show off his skills!









You are welcome here.

You can learn more about Sanctuary Counseling and any of our talented practitioners simply by calling our office for a free consultation. We endeavor to meet the ever-evolving needs of our diverse community by offering these services and more:

  • Children’s therapy
  • Couples counseling
  • Family counseling
  • LGBTQ therapy
  • Marital counseling
  • Men’s therapy
  • Personalized therapy
  • Premarital counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Transitioning support
  • Women’s therapy

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