It’s an Introvert World

I know what you’re thinking – “How is that possible?! Most classic studies suggest that approximately 75% of the American population are extroverts.” But, upwards of 50% of the population is now considered introverted. In my undergrad Personality of Psychology class, we had to take the Myers-Briggs. Out of about 25 of us, there was one extrovert in the class. One.

Even being out and about is different. As an extrovert, I make lots of eye contact, I smile at everybody, and I will probably try talk to you if we’re both checking out the Haagen-Dasz selection at Giant or you’re on the bike next to me at Valhalla. But nine times out of ten, none of these gestures are reciprocated. More often I see people on their phones, or with their earbuds in, less inclined to have real interactions with others. What used to provide me with small pings of much-needed energy now leaves me with few opportunities for the interactions I need as an extrovert… and then I feel restless.*

So, be advised, fellow extroverts – I think we’re about to be living in an introvert world.

Which is totally cool with me. But what exactly would that mean? Read More…