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Do you know what a “selfie” is?

If you don’t know what a “selfie” is, you probably fall into a very narrow demographic. You’re not a teenager or the parent of a teenager or someone who is generally around teenagers and/or you don’t have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account. So, in case you fall into that 3% (disclaimer: I have no data to back up that number), Urban Dictionary defines “selfie” as: A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace, or any other sort of social networking website. A selfie is usually accompanied by a kissy face or the individual looking in a direction that is not towards the camera. (Note: I was unaware that Myspace was still a thing – but then I noticed the definition was added in 2009. FIVE YEARS ago. (This definitely should not be the first time you’re hearing about this.))

As a follow-up to my last post – and I promise to start blogging about something other than body image and self-esteem in the very near future – this video came across my radar. And I knew I had to share it with you. As a non-teenager who can (rightfully) be accused of taking too many selfies and as the mom of a daughter, as well as a daughter of a mom, this video really resonated with me.

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Why I’m resolving not to diet in 2014

This blog entry is going to require some backstory disclosure. I’m not entirely sure that’s a thing, but it sounds right. Therapist disclosure and backstory. Let’s go with that.

First, the idea for this blog came to me in a dream.

Second, I’m the mom of 6 year old and 6 month old daughters, working two jobs. You might understand why the only chance my brain has to relay good ideas to me is while I’m asleep.

Third, I recently started Weight Watchers – for what seems like the 67th time.

So, with that disclosure done, I want to say: Welcome to 2014. For those of you whose “new year, new me” resolutions including losing weight, best of luck to you. For those of you whose resolutions include losing weight AND you have daughters at home, this blog is for you.

I have had a very long and tumultuous relationship with dieting. Several years ago, I realized that we needed to break up. For good.

back together3

You’re singing it now, aren’t you?

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